Only use original release tools delivered by KA. Never push any other parts or equipment into the coupling.

1. Check that the Release Tool is not damaged or blunt. If so, then replace it.


2. Push the tube to the bottom of the coupling to move the grip ring out of locking position.

3. Apply Release Tool onto tube.

4. Ensure tight contact between Release Tool and tube.

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5. Push the Release tool into the coupling. Avoid using excessive force or rotation, while sliding the Release Tool down the tube. Make sure the flange of the Release Tool stops against the top of the coupling.

6. Silicone spray can be used to ease the injection of Release Tool.

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7. While pushing the Release Tool towards the coupling; pull the tube out. Rotating (a few degrees) the tube may ease the release.

8. Remove the Release Tool.

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9. Assure that tube end is clean and undamaged. If not, cut the tube end.

10. Visually inspect the tube Push-In section of the coupling for any contamination. Ensure no contamination is coming into the air flow, or on the O-ring seals of the coupling. Kongsberg Automotive does not take any responsibility for consequences of such contamination or damages caused by contamination.

11. Push-In the clean tube.

12. Perform a leakage test. In case of leakages please exchange the couplings.

In cases where ABC Release tool is not available, the connection can be released together with the tube. Please unscrew with a standard wrench. The Push-In coupling is turning on the tube.